Sunday, 10 August 2014

libAttachSQL 0.1.0 alpha released!

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on a new project for HP's Advanced Technology Group called libAttachSQL.

libAttachSQL is a lightweight C connector for MySQL servers.  It is Apache 2 licensed (and therefore compatible with many open source licenses as well as commercial use) and has a new asynchronous API.  With the new API you send a command which returns immediately and you poll until the library tells you there are results ready, this is very useful for applications that have many things going on that you do not want held up by waiting for the MySQL server to process a query.  In later posts I will give usage examples of this.

I am a great believer in release early/often so on Friday, 5 weeks after I started writing code (and docs), I have released the first alpha version of this connector.  The source of this release can be downloaded here.  For now this is a source-only release just to give a taste of the project so far.  At some point before GA binary packages will be released too.  Documentation for the library can be found on Read The Docs.

What it can currently do:

  • Compile in CLang and GCC on Linux and Mac
  • Cross-compile for Windows using MinGW64 (in Fedora only)
  • Connect to MySQL servers using TCP or Unix socket file
  • Send basic MySQL queries and retrieve results
  • Using an API similar to prepared statements it can automatically escape and convert data for your queries
  • Not a lot else
As the project progresses we will be adding many more features such as prepared statement support.

This project is completely open, using many available free services as described in my previous blog post.  We welcome people to come and kick the tyres and contribute in as small or large way as possible.  This can be simply filing a bug or feature request, contributing docs or code, etc...  One thing we could really use right now is someone with Debian/Ubuntu expertise to help us create the Debian package scripts (I'm not an expert at these and am struggling to make it work).  There is a GitHub issue open for this.

If you have any questions about the library feel free to contact me, comment on this blog post, open a GitHub issue or come chat on the #libAttachSQL channel on Freenode.

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