Friday, 12 August 2011

Mydumper 0.5.1 released

After much feedback from the community who have been using mydumper I have created the first bugfix release of the 0.5 series of mydumper.  Changes in this release are as follows:

  • Fix MySQL 5.0 compile issue

  • Make the metadata file visible (after muliple requests)

  • Add --no-lock option to mydumper

  • First --daemon snapshot is now at execution instead of the first timed interval

  • Fix CentOS 5.x compile issue (also affected Mac OSX)

  • Fix libmysqlclient search bug

  • Add cppcheck target

  • Fix errors flaged by cppcheck

  • Add option to turn off docs build

  • Add status output at end of CMake

To obtain this release you can download it from Launchpad.

Many thanks to everyone who has been trying it and giving feedback.